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mHealth & Future tech symposium

2015-10-23 11.58.37

The future of mHealth

On the 22nd + 23rd of October Toni and Simon attended the mHealth symposium in Auckland, hosted by the University of Auckland.



The way we access health-related services is changing throughout the world and …

What happened at the IAYMH conference in Montreal?


See our workshop post over here!


For the last couple of days we spent our time amongst young people and academics, joining together for the purpose of discussing, analysing, and sharing research about mental health. Individuals hailed to …

Pre-conference workshop with Young & Well and our youth co-convenors

Six of us sat around a white table in an apartment in Downtown Montreal. Half of us under 25, this team we were forming were meeting in person for the first time only 24 hours before running a full-day workshop …

100 Resilient Cities : #ResilientWGTN

Visual Notes from Resilient Wellington Kick Off

“Urban Resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.”

– ‘What is Urban Resilience’ – 100 Resilient …

Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge – Fresh Minds & Approach

Photos of Massey students prototyping ideas

image courtesy of Mark Bradford

After a two week mid-semester break, the students from Massey’s School of Design are back to work on their Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge!

We were asked by the Massey Tutors to come in and do …

Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge – Empathy

Students sort post it notes at Week 6 of the Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge

Last week we wrote about the exciting turbulence that was created at the turning point in the design challenge, where students were able to continue with the design brief they’d been shaping up for five weeks, or change and seek …

Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge: All Change?

Student Stand Up At Massey University School of Design

Week 5 was secretly the point I was most excited about at the Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge with Massey University. It was the time where the tutors were testing a hypothesis – ‘can we enhance our students’ collaborative practice by …

Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge – Refining The Brief

Massey University Design School Students Working On Everyday Wellbeing


The pace is ramping up over at the Everyday Wellbeing paper we’re working on with Massey University’s School of Design!

We’re almost at the stage where the students’ research is being refined down in groups into a brief which …

Crowdsourcing A Youth Wellbeing Map For Aotearoa

Map of Youth Wellbeing Projects in Aotearoa

The Problem:

We’re often asked what kinds of projects are happening in the youth wellbeing space in Aotearoa New Zealand. Often we reel off a number of the projects we’ve worked with, ones we know about through our networks, and …

Wellbeing in Aotearoa : Te Whare Tapa Whā

Te Whare Tapa Wha

Increasingly there is a recognition around the world that Wellbeing is a holistic concept.

Whilst there’s some excellent resources such as 5 Ways To Wellbeing and PERMA, here at Lifehack we feel like we need to acknowledge what Wellbeing means …

Designing For Everyday Wellbeing – Week 3 – Storytelling & Synthesis

Banner - Designing For Everyday Wellbeing Week 3 - Photo of Tutor And Students

Week 3 took flight with the themes “Inspirational Designing”, “Brainstorming & Storytelling” & “Concept Synthesis”.

The students got the opportunity to hear about photography in design, before returning to the development of their 8 page visual research package. Tutors helped …

Improving Everyday Wellbeing – Week 2

Visual Responses to Everyday Wellbeing Challenge

Week 2 of the Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge with Massey University rolled around, and it was a fascinating array of dialogue and visuals.

As Week 1 ended, the students were asked to spend their independent study hours working to make …

Improving Everyday Wellbeing – Week 1

Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge banner image

This week we launched the initiative we’ve been working on for several months now – a design challenge with Massey University’s School of Design, focused on Everyday Wellbeing.

The design challenge fits into one semester, and is a double paper …

Everyday Wellbeing – Design Challenge Overview

Double Diamond of Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge

How might we unleash Aotearoa New Zealand’s young design talent on Everyday Wellbeing?

Lifehack and Massey University are kicking off a Design Challenge together in July 2015, focused on Everyday Wellbeing.

See the original announcement here, and links to all …

Wellbeing Needs More Than Just Psychologists


Wellbeing is not just the domain of Psychologists

This week we kick off our Design Challenge with Massey University’s College of Creative Arts. Whilst this seemed like an exciting next step for us at Lifehack, we thought it would be …

Labs Chat – Child & Youth Mental Health in Canada

Social Labs Chat - Lifehack Meets Canada

We’re constantly scanning the international frontiers to see what emerges around the world that we can learn from, build on, and generally improve our work to see 100% of young Kiwis flourishing by 2050. As an example, a short while …

Youth Week Is Here – Get Your Free Purpose Check In!



It’s time!

We’re delighted to be online all day today – Monday 25th May – to help you check in with your goals, motivation and purpose. Want to read more about this? Check out our previous Youth Week blog …

The Lifehack & YOMO Design Sprint

Social Innovation Reality - Design Sprint

How might we highlight high impact areas of exploration for Mindfulness Technology?


The work of social innovation and entrepreneurship isn’t often glamorous. It’s often a long period of fuzziness, confusion and hard work, followed by a breakthrough moment, followed …

Youth Week is coming & we’re planning awesomeness!



We’re pretty excited that Youth Week is almost upon us, and that this year’s theme is ‘We are the future / Kō tātau te ao o āpōpō’.

Here’s the video introducing this year’s action:

How might we give young