Lifehack is a systems-level intervention in youth mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We’re about growing the capacity of the system to support the wellbeing of young people, with an emphasis on co-design, prevention and capability building.

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What I learnt from my time with Lifehack

I have dreamt and thought about Lifehack for the last three and a half years. Since joining the team in early 2014, I have done just about all of the roles and tasks under the sun, from organising events to writing reports, listening to communities, designing programmes, facilitating workshops, evaluating initiatives and more.   I’ve…

Embedding evidence in social-change work: Using protective factors

Over the years we’ve been trying to work out how to best embed evidence in our mahi in a way that’s accessible, practical and engaging. Much of the best-practice and research of how to improve wellbeing has been done and written up by smart folks from a variety of places. They give us an indication…

Oro Hackathon returns to Upper Hutt

Guest post by Paul Thompson of Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust   Why would I want to be involved in a hackathon and give up a whole weekend to help?  I mean I’m busy, I have too many things on and too many people that I’m working with already. Sound familiar?  Last year a group…

Project kitchen header

Online Project Kitchens

Experimenting with online facilitation Over the past six months, Lifehack has been experimenting with online environment as a way to get ideas off the ground and awhi the work of various members of our community. In February, Olivia & Kieran hosted a online ako about supporting LGBTIQ to flourish and then in March Christina hosted…

Putting frameworks from te ao Māori into action: wellbeing and prototyping

Over the years, Lifehack has used two main wellbeing evidence bases: The Five Ways to Wellbeing, an abbreviated version developed by the New Economics Foundation which was based upon the work of positive psychology professor Dr Martin Seligman. The second, Te Whare Tapa Whā, developed by Sir Mason Durie, a New Zealand indigenous model for…

Entrepreneurship tools for learning-focussed team processes

Learning-focussed environments We have written a fair bit about how we use experiments to drive insight. A learning-focussed approach to our work allows us to ask questions around effectiveness, and overall has lead to a very intentional approach to running programmes, workshops or other experiments (like social media ads, blog posts etc). Applying an experiment…

It’s Youth Week!

  This week we are celebrating Youth Week! Our focus is around how we can improve the systems that influence youth wellbeing. We’ll be releasing videos that demonstrate how people across Aotearoa New Zealand have been influencing change from their unique vantage point. (If you can’t wait for us to drip-feed them via Facebook and Twitter, you can…

Lifehack 2017 Programmes and Funding Update

It’s time for the next Lifehack update for 2017 and we have lots to share. We also have an update on the future of Lifehack. What’s been going on:  We’ve got two cracking programmes running at the moment. We’re working with teachers, students and community collaborators at an Auckland school exploring wellbeing in their school and…

How to run a codesign workshop in your town

  Late last month, Gina and Paul travelled up to Palmerston North to facilitate the Palmy North Youth Codesign Summit. It was a two day event to practise codesign with other youth practitioners in Palmy North.   In this post, they reflect on how you might be able to run a similar workshop in your…