Designing For Everyday Wellbeing – Week 3 – Storytelling & Synthesis

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Week 3 took flight with the themes “Inspirational Designing”, “Brainstorming & Storytelling” & “Concept Synthesis”.

The students got the opportunity to hear about photography in design, before returning to the development of their 8 page visual research package. Tutors helped students understand the role of storyboarding in further developing these briefs – simple sketches to step through the concepts behind their ideas.

There was a buzz when we returned on the Friday to check in with how people were progressing – concepts were all over walls and floors, keyboards were clicking as designers browsed research inspiration online, and graphic design magazines were passed around to peruse typography and visual aesthetic treatments.

In just a couple of weeks, there will be approximately 60 visual briefs presented in the VCD department – the students’ research and hard work captured in a short pack which will form the basis for the next 6 weeks of prototyping and development of solutions. We’re hoping some students may allow us to use these as starting points for our online version which anyone around the country might be able to pick up soon (interested to hear more – take a look at the Design Challenge hub).

For now, here’s a taste of the areas which students pitched to their class at the end of week 2 to focus on to improve everyday wellbeing. These are only representative of about a quarter of the students from the Visual Communication department, so there’s plenty more also being developed across VCD, Photography, Industrial and Fashion!


Designing For Everyday Wellbeing - Week 3

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