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School Wellbeing Collaboration Resource Pack 2

School Wellbeing Collaboration: Resource Pack 2

By Toni Reid | October 20, 2017

If you’re involved in a school in some way – whether as a parent, teacher or student – this resource pack from our School Wellbeing Collaboration is for you! Resource Pack Two focuses on broader community wellbeing, while Resource Pack …

School Wellbeing Collaboration Resource Pack 1

School Wellbeing Collaboration: Resource Pack 1

By Toni Reid | October 20, 2017

If you’re involved in a school in some way – whether as a parent, teacher or student – this resource pack from our School Wellbeing Collaboration is for you! Resource Pack One reflects our first portion of work, focussed on …

Image of people using craft materials to make a first prototype, for a wellbeing design challenge

Wellbeing Design Challenge: Milk at the Supermarket

By Toni Reid | October 20, 2017

A wellbeing design challenge based around milk – it sounds strange, right! But this is one of our favourite sessions that we’ve run time and time again.

We’ve based the wellbeing design challenge on something everybody can understand. How might …

Guest post: Eleanor Hurton @ the Codesign for Youth Wellbeing Symposium

By Toni Reid | October 6, 2017
This is a guest post from Eleanor Hurton who attended the Co-design for Youth Wellbeing Symposium in September.It’s also a shout-out to the Shuttleworth Foundation, which supported the Symposium with a one-off, no-strings-attached grant. When we received an email…

How to: Host a 5 Ways to Wellbeing Session

By Toni Reid | August 23, 2017

Transform how you think about wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing has transformed how we consider ways to improve our own wellbeing. And it’s transformed how we support other people’s wellbeing.

It’s also helped some of our Fellows to develop …

Enabling participation in co-design

By Toni Reid | August 9, 2017

Enabling participation in codesign a quick guide

It’s time to go full circle and share with you our learnings on youth participation over the past three years. If you’re working in youth development or you’re part of a start-up that’s …

Whānau Wellbeing Protective Factors

By Gina Rembe | July 19, 2017

For Lifehack’s mahi, we have been seeking ways to embed the protective factors into our programmes themselves, as well as bringing across the importance to youth wellbeing practitioners to do the same in their respective initiatives and services.

One of …

Putting frameworks from te ao Māori into action: wellbeing and prototyping

By Gina Rembe | July 13, 2017

Over the years, Lifehack has used two main wellbeing evidence bases: The Five Ways to Wellbeing, an abbreviated version developed by the New Economics Foundation which was based upon the work of positive psychology professor Dr Martin Seligman. The second, …

Entrepreneurship tools for learning-focussed team processes

By Gina Rembe | July 12, 2017

Learning-focussed environments

We have written a fair bit about how we use experiments to drive insight. A learning-focussed approach to our work allows us to ask questions around effectiveness, and overall has lead to a very intentional approach to running …

How to create an environment for LGBTIQ youth to flourish

By Paul McGregor | May 10, 2017

Helping LGBTIQ youth to flourish

Earlier this year, a few awesome humans came together to discuss a pretty important topic – ‘How do we create an environment for LGBTIQ youth wellbeing?’ LGBTIQ stands for: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex or …

Top 5 Reasons to Support Your People To Attend Lifehack Flourishing Fellowship

Top 5 reasons to support your people to attend the Flourishing Fellowship

By Paul McGregor | February 24, 2017

Are you a manager or decision-maker trying to decide whether to “sign off” on somebody’s participation in this year’s Flourishing Fellowship? Well – this blog post is for you.

Paul McGregor was one of our original Flourishing Fellows. Now, as …

Lifehack Weekend – Oro Upper Hutt

By Dayna Carter | December 14, 2016

On 11 November 2016, around 15 people over the weekend came together to support the Oro whānau in their aspirations to develop existing and build new wellbeing initiatives that are co-designed with young people of Upper Hutt.

This weekend event …

Wellbeing Plans

Wellbeing Plans

By Gina Rembe | October 7, 2016

The purpose of these plans have been for the team to reflect on what things are like when things are great and then explore what stress looks like. Most importantly: what are the important steps to take when things aren’t …

Ngā Uri Ō – Descendants of

By Dayna Carter | September 21, 2016

Ngā Uri Ō is a resource Lifehack uses when working with people regardless of the size of group. Relationships with people is centre to our work.

Wai in Māori means water. In our current prototype above, you will see we …

Designing for Wellbeing: Reflecting on unexpected insights

By Gina Rembe | July 7, 2016

by Sam Rye, former co-lead at Lifehack

What would happen if we took 290 students from a third year design paper, and focused the brief on Everyday Wellbeing?


In 2015 I was part of the Lifehack crew which teamed …

Lifehack Community Retreat: Better with friends

By Gina Rembe | February 3, 2016

Kia ora Lifehack whānau. It’s four weeks out from the Lifehack Community Retreat of 4-6 March. We’re starting to get more than a little bit excited. Don’t have a ticket yet? Grab yours here.


Invite your friends!

You know …

Lifehack Community Hui happening 2016

By Dayna Carter | December 18, 2015

Calling all great humans…

Fill out our 5 minute survey before 10 January to tell us what our Lifehack Community Hui for March 2016 should involve!

The Lifehack Community Hui is about building and strengthening the Lifehack community. Sounds nice …

Visual Notes from Resilient Wellington Kick Off

100 Resilient Cities : #ResilientWGTN

By Gina Rembe | September 30, 2015

“Urban Resilience is the capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience.”

– ‘What is Urban Resilience’ – 100 Resilient …

Student Stand Up At Massey University School of Design

Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge: All Change?

By Gina Rembe | August 24, 2015

Week 5 was secretly the point I was most excited about at the Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge with Massey University. It was the time where the tutors were testing a hypothesis – ‘can we enhance our students’ collaborative practice by …

Massey University Design School Students Working On Everyday Wellbeing

Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge – Refining The Brief

By Gina Rembe | August 10, 2015


The pace is ramping up over at the Everyday Wellbeing paper we’re working on with Massey University’s School of Design!

We’re almost at the stage where the students’ research is being refined down in groups into a brief which …