Ngā Uri Ō – Descendants ofā-Uri-Ō-FINAL-1.jpg

Ngā Uri Ō is a resource Lifehack uses when working with people regardless of the size of group. Relationships with people is centre to our work.

Wai in Māori means water. In our current prototype above, you will see we have captured Ngā Uri Ō using wai / water. Ko wai au and ko wai koe is represented by the different waterways / paths we have come from acknowledging our background, experiences and knowledge. When we all unite together it forms an awa / river which is the common purpose that has brought the group together.

Once we have navigated the river through whanaungatanga / connecting we can then look at who are we together and what do we need to work on and agree too to step into the waka to begin paddling together in unison to begin the work.

Here is a blog post diving deeper into the tool and how we use this resource alongside others.

Resource File

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