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2017 Flourishing Fellowship Impact Report

By Toni Reid | November 1, 2017

2017 saw the third iteration of the Fellowship programme. We’ve worked alongside Angelique from the Ripple Collective to create this report which outlines some of the early impacts made as a result of the programme.

You can read a short …

How To: Social Lean Canvas

By Toni Reid | October 20, 2017

So you want to start something that matters…?

The Social Lean Canvas is one of the key resources the Lifehack team uses and refers to in all of our work. If you’re not already using it we suggest you take …

Theory of Change Worksheet

By Toni Reid | October 20, 2017


What is a Theory of Change?

A Theory of Change is your best guess about how your work impacts the issue you care about. This worksheet provides a simple starting point for thinking about the causes that contribute to …

Image of people using craft materials to make a first prototype, for a wellbeing design challenge

Wellbeing Design Challenge: Milk at the Supermarket

By Toni Reid | October 20, 2017

A wellbeing design challenge based around milk – it sounds strange, right! But this is one of our favourite sessions that we’ve run time and time again.

We’ve based the wellbeing design challenge on something everybody can understand. How might …

Relationship Building Sort Cards Set Two

By Toni Reid | October 13, 2017

Facilitation is all about bringing a group together around a shared purpose. Relationship-building is one of the foundations of effective facilitation, so it’s always handy to have a toolkit of different processes to allow people to build meaningful relationships.

Stuck …

How to: Host Open Space

By Toni Reid | October 13, 2017

If there is one thing we’ve learnt through hosting the Flourishing Fellowship programme, is that there is so much wisdom within the group. One way to harness and share that group is to host an Open Space.

The concept of …

Relationship Building Facilitation Sort Cards (Set One)

By Toni Reid | September 22, 2017

Facilitation is all about bringing a group together around a shared purpose. Relationship-building is one of the foundations of effective facilitation, so it’s always handy to have a toolkit of different processes to allow people to build meaningful relationships.

Stuck …

How to: Host a 5 Ways to Wellbeing Session

By Toni Reid | August 23, 2017

Transform how you think about wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing has transformed how we consider ways to improve our own wellbeing. And it’s transformed how we support other people’s wellbeing.

It’s also helped some of our Fellows to develop …

Five principles to enable meaningful participation in co-design

By Toni Reid | August 9, 2017

Interested in how you can create a safe, participatory space with young people?

We think these 5 principles will help you get ahead of the game:

acknowledging indigenous knowledge understanding your responsibilities focusing on strengths and opportunities, not on weaknesses…

Project Kitchens

By Toni Reid | July 27, 2017

Originally developed by Seb Paquet, Project Kitchens is a wonderful tool that can help propel early stage ideas into concrete next steps

The format brings together a small number of people who have projects they would like assistance with and …

Whānau Wellbeing Protective Factors

By Gina Rembe | July 19, 2017

For Lifehack’s mahi, we have been seeking ways to embed the protective factors into our programmes themselves, as well as bringing across the importance to youth wellbeing practitioners to do the same in their respective initiatives and services.

One of …

What we’ve learnt from running the Fellowship

By Paul McGregor | March 8, 2017

Lifehack’s programme designs have been iterations from all the work we’ve done in the past. Not only do we spent time reflecting and implementing learnings into future programmes, we also take inspiration from practitioners around the globe. If you’re curious …

Funding your participation in the Flourishing Fellowship

By Paul McGregor | March 3, 2017

This post outlines how we’re supporting applicants to make the Fellowship financially accessible.  We would love your feedback on this support, so please do email us at hello@lifehackhq.co if you have any thoughts.

Applications for the 2017 Flourishing Fellowship closed …

Top 5 Reasons to Support Your People To Attend Lifehack Flourishing Fellowship

Top 5 reasons to support your people to attend the Flourishing Fellowship

By Paul McGregor | February 24, 2017

Are you a manager or decision-maker trying to decide whether to “sign off” on somebody’s participation in this year’s Flourishing Fellowship? Well – this blog post is for you.

Paul McGregor was one of our original Flourishing Fellows. Now, as …

Wellbeing Plans

Wellbeing Plans

By Gina Rembe | October 7, 2016

The purpose of these plans have been for the team to reflect on what things are like when things are great and then explore what stress looks like. Most importantly: what are the important steps to take when things aren’t …

Ngā Uri Ō – Descendants of

By Dayna Carter | September 21, 2016

Ngā Uri Ō is a resource Lifehack uses when working with people regardless of the size of group. Relationships with people is centre to our work.

Wai in Māori means water. In our current prototype above, you will see we …

Quote with picture of Lifehack Fellows

The Flourishing Fellowship Begins

By Gina Rembe | July 23, 2015

We kicked off the Flourishing Fellowship on a beautiful Wednesday morning with the arrival of 22 participants from around Aotearoa New Zealand. And sheesh, are these people awesome.

With ages spanning generation X and generation Y, we had a diverse …

Flourishing Fellowship – Application Closing Date Extended : 27 May

By Gina Rembe | May 25, 2015

Calling on good humans!

This is your last chance to get your applications in for the Flourishing Fellowship programme as applications have been extended to Wednesday 27th May at 5pm! Yes that’s Wednesday!

What is the Flourishing Fellowship you ask? …

Applications For Flourishing Fellowship Are Now Open

Flourishing Fellowship Applications Are Now Open!

By Gina Rembe | May 14, 2015

Do you want to improve the lives of rangatahi in Aotearoa?

Our Flourishing Fellowship is now accepting applications!

Flourishing Fellows is a 3 month programme for 20 individuals from all backgrounds who want to find their identity in the work …

Launching the Flourishing Fellowship 2015

By Gina Rembe | May 5, 2015

At the start of April we asked the question: ‘How might we best support the people around Aotearoa who are championing Wellbeing and Flourishing thinking & projects?’

You can read the first blog here.

To further this, over the last …