Relationship Building Sort Cards Set Two

Facilitation is all about bringing a group together around a shared purpose. Relationship-building is one of the foundations of effective facilitation, so it’s always handy to have a toolkit of different processes to allow people to build meaningful relationships.

Stuck for ideas to get people beyond the superficial “what do you do for work question” and get into the depths of human connection?

Download our Relationship Building Sort Card package! We’ve used 30 royalty free images as a backdrop to a variety of questions such as …

“In your group of friends, what role do you usually play?”

“What are the two things you can’t leave the house without?”

“Describe your favourite colour without saying what it is”

We printed out the cards on photo paper, so all up this resource cost us less than $5 to create for the 2017 Flourishing Fellowship. You can do the same, and add this to your toolkit for workshops and meetings where you would like to build meaningful connections. We have built two sets, by clicking here you can access the first set. To access set number two click here.

(It’s a 25mb file, so you might want to wait until you’ve got a good wifi connection)

Resource File

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