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Developing Social Technologies – Two Pioneering Reports

Innovation Labs - Funding And Delivering Social Technology

How do technologies which improve lives get developed?

We’ve been asking ourselves this question at Lifehack for 18 months now, and feel like we’re beginning to find some of our own answers. Not only are we seeing the development of …

What is a Social Innovation Lab?

Are you trying to tackle a problem that is complicated or complex?

Social Innovation Labs, like Lifehack, are established to tackle wicked problems – problems where the elements involved are ever moving, changing and morphing. They’re interconnected. That makes solving the problems very difficult, some would say impossible. Whilst you can’t solve …

Lifehack Venture Updates: Live The Dream & The App Store

<a href="">Designed by Freepik</a>

Designed by Freepik

We’ve been working behind the scenes with a variety of projects & ventures since Lifehack Labs in September 2014, supporting the amazing young teams to get a great foundation to their work to build ventures to enhance …

Lifehack Labs 2014 – The Documentary

Lifehack Labs 2014 The Documentary

We’re delighted to share the short documentary which was filmed for Lifehack Labs 2014.

Learn about the young leaders from around Aotearoa who took part, what happened throughout the Lab, and get a peek behind the scenes with the Lifehack …

Watch this space… Beast & YOMO are Living The Dream!

Live The Dream 2014









Good news! Our friends over at Live The Dream are cranking away through summer, supporting a bunch of awesome young Kiwis to build social enterprises!

The excellent news is that the Beast …

50+ Free & Cheap Internet Tools for Designers, Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Startups


A list of services to help you be awesome.

Check out this list of online resources which can give you jumpstarts and shortcuts to gain quick momentum for your project or social venture.

Simple Website Tools:

WordPress – highly customisable…

A Week With Social Labs Revolution Author, Zaid Hassan

Social Labs Revolution - Zaid Hassan - Wellington

If you had the opportunity to spend a week with someone with 15 years of experience in your domain, what would you hope to learn?

Less than a month after we wrapped up Lifehack Labs (our most multi-layered initiative to …

How Lifehack Assesses Impact

Lifehack - Impact Evaluation

Lifehack has  been learning from the rapidly advancing disciplines of business, design, wellbeing, social innovation and technology and working out how we can apply this to complex problems – specifically youth wellbeing and mental health.

One of the those people …

Meet The Author of ‘Social Labs Revolution’!

Social Labs Revolution - Zaid Hassan - New Zealand

Do you want to meet the Author of a book which helped inspire Lifehack Labs?

Check out the events in October

  Tweet about this event:

Back in February, we were deep in research mode – trying to make sense …

#LifehackLabs – Week 5 – Sprint to Springboard

Photo of the Lifehack Labs 2014 Core Crew

Week 5 of Lifehack Labs was all about teams building toward the future.

With the final event fast approaching, the Labs teams were again set loose to choose their own paths in the final week. Whether it was conducting user …

#LifehackLabs Participants’ Perspective: Week 5


With the labs coming to a close, we asked the participants to reflect over the last 5 weeks and share something they had gained during their time at #lifehacklabs.

#LifehackLabs Participants’ Perspective: Week 4 – Piles of Post It Notes!

Safe Space for young people to be raw & creative

This week the participants were super busy. Even more super busy than the weeks before. As a tribute to this busy-ness, this week’s blogpost is an attempt to document just some of the thoughts, questions , processes and progress the …

#LifehackLabs – Week 4 – How, Who, WHY?

This week we asked our Labs Co ordinator Charlotte to run us through the goings on of week 4.

It’s easy to forget while immersed in this process, that Lifehack Labs is just a tiny snapshot in time. Who would …

#LifehackLabs – Week 3 – Building Ideas, Research and Prototypes

Week Three

Penny Hagen assists organisations to apply participatory and design-led approaches to the development of policy, organisational process, strategy and services. Penny specialises in co-design and social change projects and provides training and mentoring to design teams and organisations wanting to …

#LifehackLabs – Week 3 – Participants’ Perspective: Hip Hop Styles!

Visuals at Lifehack Labs

This week we mixed it up a bit, crowdsourcing the week’s happenings from Gemma, Jade, Caroline, John, Michael, Steven and Katie which were then free-styled by Lifehack Labs’ resident rapper Aaron. Have a listen here.

First day ate cake,

Celebrate …

#LifehackLabs – Week 2 – Tool up, Team up


We asked our #lifehacklabs Co- Lead Chelsea Robinson to give us a run down on what happened in week 2.


If week one was about downloading information and new ideas and new thinking around wellbeing and technology, week two …

#LifehackLabs – Week 1 – Connection, Courage & Content

Lifehack Labs - The Team

Last week we got off to a flying start in Week 1 of the inaugural Lifehack Labs with 20 young people from around Aotearoa New Zealand converging on Wellington.

We’ll be writing a blog post each week to keep you …

Lifehack Labs Begins…

LIFEHACK Labs - Launch BW

Today we’re launching Lifehack Labs into the world.

We’re welcoming twenty of the brightest young people from around the country join us in Wellington today to begin Lifehack Labs. It’ll be five weeks of intensive learning, research, mentoring, coaching and …

New Zealand Well-Being 2.0

This is a guest blog by Carsten Grimm, mental health promoter.


“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast …

LIFEHACK Labs Vs. Accelerators & Incubators

Many young Kiwis have told us that they want the opportunity to take action to improve wellbeing for friends & whanau.

Over 75% of the people we spoke to said they would make space in their life if they were …