#LifehackLabs – Week 3 – Participants’ Perspective: Hip Hop Styles!

This week we mixed it up a bit, crowdsourcing the week’s happenings from Gemma, Jade, Caroline, John, Michael, Steven and Katie which were then free-styled by Lifehack Labs’ resident rapper Aaron. Have a listen here.

First day ate cake,

Celebrate the birth date

Of Nate.

No workshops, just freedom

A week ahead

Lets get proceeding.

Straight to the SODA skype

And business hype

Check 123

Like M.V.P.


Commitment time

Stand for all

Band together y’all

Just make ‘em goals tangible.

Chur, obey, confirm, consume,

Make room for extra Penny’s.

Getting team stuff in order

Next thing you know

We’re skypin’ with fizzy water


Oh, it’s clear as mud now

There’s things to validate

That’s just how we do

Check 1 check 2 check yo


Roll off smooth like a free throw

Team getting amongst Aikidō

Next week’s prerequisite

Now we’re acting on team etiquette






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