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The Lifehack & YOMO Design Sprint

Social Innovation Reality - Design Sprint

How might we highlight high impact areas of exploration for Mindfulness Technology?


The work of social innovation and entrepreneurship isn’t often glamorous. It’s often a long period of fuzziness, confusion and hard work, followed by a breakthrough moment, followed …

Press Release: Lifehack & Massey University Collaborate For Everyday Wellbeing

Lifehack & Massey University Collaborate for Everyday Wellbeing


Lifehack and Massey University collaborate for Everyday Wellbeing

Improving everyday wellbeing for young Kiwis through social entrepreneurship will be one of the focuses of an exciting new Design Challenge project for visual communication design students attending Massey …

Design for Complexity – Talking Social Innovation Practice

I am only passionately curious

What is the role of Design in Social Innovation?

We’ve been asking ourselves this a lot recently, and we were delighted when we were asked to drop in to Massey University’s Design School to speak to the 4th year students …

50+ Free & Cheap Internet Tools for Designers, Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators & Startups


A list of services to help you be awesome.

Check out this list of online resources which can give you jumpstarts and shortcuts to gain quick momentum for your project or social venture.

Simple Website Tools:

WordPress – highly customisable…

#LifehackLabs Participants’ Perspective: Week 4 – Piles of Post It Notes!

Safe Space for young people to be raw & creative

This week the participants were super busy. Even more super busy than the weeks before. As a tribute to this busy-ness, this week’s blogpost is an attempt to document just some of the thoughts, questions , processes and progress the …

#LifehackLabs – Week 4 – How, Who, WHY?

This week we asked our Labs Co ordinator Charlotte to run us through the goings on of week 4.

It’s easy to forget while immersed in this process, that Lifehack Labs is just a tiny snapshot in time. Who would …

#LifehackLabs – Week 3 – Building Ideas, Research and Prototypes

Week Three

Penny Hagen assists organisations to apply participatory and design-led approaches to the development of policy, organisational process, strategy and services. Penny specialises in co-design and social change projects and provides training and mentoring to design teams and organisations wanting to …

#LifehackLabs – Week 3 – Participants’ Perspective: Hip Hop Styles!

Visuals at Lifehack Labs

This week we mixed it up a bit, crowdsourcing the week’s happenings from Gemma, Jade, Caroline, John, Michael, Steven and Katie which were then free-styled by Lifehack Labs’ resident rapper Aaron. Have a listen here.

First day ate cake,

Celebrate …

Customer Discovery: How To Interview (Potential) Users

Customer & User Discovery is a vital stage of project development.

We know from the fantastic research carried out by Startup Genome that if we skip any of the startup development path stages (below) that our projects or startups are …

The Lifehack Labs Series #2: Problem Solving with User Personas

This is the second in the series of our LIFEHACK Labs posts to share how we approach different aspects of launching social ventures.

There’s a great deal of research and understanding going into the best approaches to problem solving and …

The LIFEHACK Labs Series #1: Problem Solving with Design Thinking

This is the first in the series of our LIFEHACK Labs posts to share how we approach different aspects of launching social ventures.

Problem Identification & Understanding is at the heart of our LIFEHACK Weekends and Labs.

We recognise the …

Social Enterprise meets Design Thinking & Lean Startup

Today we wanted to introduce you to three key parts of the LIFEHACK toolkit which we’ll be talking about more as the months continue.

Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise is about tackling social and environmental challenges using a business model which …

Mental Health Awareness Week – Design thinking helping us to connect

This past week was Mental Health Awareness week across Aotearoa & the theme was “connect”. From reading & experience, it seems clear that feeling cohesion with others, acceptance, inclusion & the ability to relate to others keeps our esteem high …