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What is the role of Design in Social Innovation?

We’ve been asking ourselves this a lot recently, and we were delighted when we were asked to drop in to Massey University’s Design School to speak to the 4th year students about how they could take their Exploration phase of their final year projects to the next level.

We were delighted to be asked – we’ve been following this enquiry for 18 months now, so it’s very fresh for us, and we know there’s some wonderful people around the country (and indeed around the world) whose previous tracks we’re walking alongside – not least the awesome Penny Hagen who is on our board as well as being a close collaborator on our ‘methodology’ work this year.

I headed along to watch the previous talk from ex-students Fraser & Matt from Refold, and then all of a sudden it was time to talk to 120 students from the College of Creative Arts Toi Rauwharangi. Here’s an edited slide deck with my notes – an approximation of what I said on the day:

Tweet: .@LifehackHQ is using #Design as a container to mash up technology, entrepreneurship, wellbeing research & #socinn: “Lifehack is using Design as a container in to mash up technology, entrepreneurship, wellbeing research & social innovation”

I was delighted to get some kind words from some of the students on the day, and on twitter through the weekend such as:

It looks like we’ve got some coffee catch ups to sort out! Seems like there might be some more Wellbeing projects brewing – watch this space!

Post by Sam Rye

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