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Theory of Change Worksheet

By Toni Reid | October 20, 2017


What is a Theory of Change?

A Theory of Change is your best guess about how your work impacts the issue you care about. This worksheet provides a simple starting point for thinking about the causes that contribute to …

Applying Ethics in Codesign

By Toni Reid | October 18, 2017

Okay, so you’re committed to doing some youth co-design. Great! Of course, this means working alongside young people and bringing their voices into your work.

How do you do this in an ethical way? How do you do this in …

Picture Sort Cards - Set One

Picture Cards – Set Two

By Toni Reid | October 13, 2017

In this pack we’ve included another 30 royalty free images, ranging from mountain tops to pen & paper. We’ve used these images in check in & out circles, de-briefs and reflective sessions.

We’ve asked questions like:

“select a card which …

Supporting good decision making in small teams

By Toni Reid | August 23, 2017

You’ve started a project! Nice work. But how do you continue well? How do you make sure your team are on the same page and aren’t making unfair or incorrect assumptions about each other?

This worksheet offers some thinking about …

Enabling participation in co-design

By Toni Reid | August 9, 2017

Enabling participation in codesign a quick guide

It’s time to go full circle and share with you our learnings on youth participation over the past three years. If you’re working in youth development or you’re part of a start-up that’s …

Entrepreneurship tools for learning-focussed team processes

By Gina Rembe | July 12, 2017

Learning-focussed environments

We have written a fair bit about how we use experiments to drive insight. A learning-focussed approach to our work allows us to ask questions around effectiveness, and overall has lead to a very intentional approach to running …

Funding your participation in the Flourishing Fellowship

By Paul McGregor | March 3, 2017

This post outlines how we’re supporting applicants to make the Fellowship financially accessible.  We would love your feedback on this support, so please do email us at hello@lifehackhq.co if you have any thoughts.

Applications for the 2017 Flourishing Fellowship closed …

Flourishing Fellowship applications extended until 8 March!

By Paul McGregor | March 1, 2017

This is your last chance to apply for the 2017 Flourishing Fellowship! We have extended applications until next Wednesday 8 March at 5pm! (Yes that’s a Wednesday.)

Click here to go the application page!

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