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Niki Harré

  • Infinite Games
August 16, 2014

Niki Harré is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland. Her recent research projects […]

LIFEHACK Northland – Fun in the Far North!

June 30, 2014

A couple of weekends ago we had our first experience running a residential hui – all of a sudden we […]

Alina Siegfried / Ali Jacs

  • Communication
  • LGBT Rights
  • Storytelling
  • Poetry Slam
August 16, 2014

Alina Siegfried is a communications specialist with a background in campaign management, environmental advocacy and community engagement. She has worked […]

Ryan Angus

  • Anthropology
  • psychology
August 25, 2014

Ryan comes to Lifehack Labs straight out of studying Criminology, Cultural Anthropology and Psychology at Victoria University. Based in Wellington, […]

#LifehackLabs – Week 1 – Connection, Courage & Content

  • psychology
  • Code
  • Research
  • Entrepreneur
  • Pro
  • Newbie
  • Ninja

Last week we got off to a flying start in Week 1 of the inaugural Lifehack Labs with 20 young people […]

Aaron Intermann

  • musician
  • entertainer
  • youth representative
September 1, 2014

Aaron is currently studying to be a youth worker.  He is an executive board member for Buller REAP and a […]

Outside the Square of Lifehack HQ

July 3, 2014

Born into the Chinese third generation in New Zealand, I chose my own career path. As a Wellingtonian with a […]

Lifehack Labs Begins…

  • UX
  • Code
  • Creative
  • Research
  • Entrepreneur
  • Pro
  • Newbie
  • Ninja
August 14, 2014

Today we’re launching Lifehack Labs into the world. We’re welcoming twenty of the brightest young people from around the country […]

Skye Chadwick

  • music
  • community
  • travelling
August 16, 2014

Skye Chadwick has a great appetite for adventure, which has seen her exploring many faraway places over the past six […]

Jade Shearstone

  • web design

Jade was born and raised in Taranaki, and whilst she has been mostly nomadic in recent years, her heart is still […]

Nanz Nair

  • design

Nanz is a freelance designer who dreams of a more peaceful, equal and healthier world. She works collaboratively with social […]

Alexanda Whitcombe

  • Aspiring social innovator
August 25, 2014

Alexanda Whitcombe is an aspiring social innovator. Since requiring his bachelor in design – major in product / industrial design, […]

Sid Menon

  • mechatronics engineering
August 16, 2014

Hailing from Auckland, Sid Menon is a mechatronics engineering student who is looking to use his unique skills to make […]

Lifehack Labs Participants’ Perspective: Week One

August 28, 2014

Every week, we will bring a little of the Lifehack Labs experience to the outside world from the view of the participants. […]

Richard D. Bartlett

  • engineer
  • activism
  • Facilitation
August 16, 2014

Rich is one of the cofounders of Loomio. He wants to make it easy for anyone to work on meaningful […]

Gemma Potaka

  • science

Gemma comes from a science background and has just completed a degree in Physics and Geophysics at Victoria University. She loves […]

Sam Rye

  • Marketing
  • Research
  • Entrepreneur
May 28, 2014 Having arrived in New Zealand six years ago, Sam soon fell in love with the country and became passionate about reversing [...]