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Chris Jackson

  • Design Strategy and Research
  • Design Thinking
  • Design Led Innovation
  • Service Design
August 16, 2014

Chris is service design lead at DNA. His experience traverses academia, public and private sectors. His work focuses on how […]

Jamie Emery

  • Do-er
  • Problem Solver
  • Realist
September 26, 2014

Hailing from beautiful Taipa in Northland, Jamie is a mother of four and has a strong passion for helping solve problems in […]

From Tee-Ball to Dancing: How caring about young women’s wellbeing starts with putting them at the center

May 9, 2016

Fran was a participant in our Flourishing Fellowship in 2015. After completing the Fellowship she went on with her project […]

Sam Rye

February 17, 2015 Having arrived in New Zealand six years ago, Sam soon fell in love with the country and became passionate about reversing [...]

Announcing the Flourishing Fellowship 2016

  • Pro
  • Ninja
  • Newbie
May 6, 2016

Lifehack is proud to announce that we will be convening an iteration of the Flourishing Fellowship this year! Off the back […]

Damian Sligo-Green

  • Financial Consultancy
  • Service Design
October 2, 2014

Damian’s experience spans the Financial and ICT industries where he’s worked as a consultant for the last 5 years. Damian […]

Lifehack Labs 2014 : Final Impact Report

  • Code
  • design
  • Research
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative
  • Pro
  • Ninja
  • Newbie

In 2014, we undertook our most intensive programme yet, with a 5 week, full time bootcamp for 20 young people […]

Niki Harré

  • Infinite Games
August 16, 2014

Niki Harré is an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology at the University of Auckland. Her recent research projects […]

Paul Ingle

February 17, 2015

For more than 20 years, Paul Ingle has brought a passion for building partnerships to his work in community mental […]

Nick Laurence: Open your eyes, all three of them

May 24, 2016

In continuing on from introducing one of 2015’s Flourishing Fellows, we’re proud to present Nick Laurence and his journey thus […]

Adventures with Youthline and Sovereign

May 5, 2016

Over the past three months Youthline, Sovereign and Lifehack have been working together to improve the volunteer experience at the Manukau […]

Michelle Blanchard

  • Youth Mental Health
  • Research
August 16, 2014

Dr Michelle Blanchard is the Head of Projects and Partnerships at the Young and Well CRC and an Honorary Research […]

Josh Forde

February 17, 2014

Josh Forde serves the Lifehack project with a focus on technology and development support of the projects. He is excited […]

Lifehack Labs 2014 - The Report

Lifehack Labs 2014 – The Report

  • Facilitation
  • Code
  • Entrepreneur
  • Creative
  • Pro
  • Ninja
  • Newbie

In 2014 we launched a program to go deep into improving youth wellbeing. We asked young Kiwis from all over the country […]

Experimenting with placing financial value on experiences

May 25, 2016

You may have read or seen that Lifehack are on the lookout for the next generation of Flourishing Fellows. Similarly […]

Caroline Fitzegerald

  • occupational therapy
August 16, 2014

Caroline specialises in hope. Her passion for understanding and improving mental health began with a desire to help her own family. As […]

Ahmed Hilali

  • computer science

Ahmed is a co-founder of Hacktivate and a self-proclaimed expert on all things digital. He has had a passion for […]