Weekly Roundup – 23 April – Social Innovation, Wellbeing Research, Techspiration & Startup News


Welcome to our latest LIFEHACK Hump Day Roundup, where we bring you some quick links and inspiration from around the web focused on Social Innovation, Wellbeing Research, Techspiration & Startup News. You can contribute by getting in touch with LIFEHACK if there’s something you think we should include!

Techspiration: Check out this very excellent Wellington-based project to enable people who’re depressed to reach out for help when things get bad. It’s called Code Blue, and it’s run by the excellent people who’re also behind other tech projects like GoalPost which aims to help people quit smoking. They’ve currently got a crowdfunding campaign happening, so drop by and help them hit their targets.

Learn: Why metrics matter for new projects + ventures and how to do them well by KISS Metrics. We love this as it’s a great beginner’s guide to data analytics and the article gives a great guide to getting started.

Insight: Why positive psychology is disrupting Psychotherapy, the role technology is playing in it? This article outlines an important growing focus on shifting the focus from mental illness to mental wellness, and nicely explains how a cocktail of drugs isn’t the only way to do that.

Event: Southland – we’re coming your way soon, and Anna Guenther has 10 reasons she thinks you should be there on May 16th. Check out the blog.

Startup News: Sometimes you need a little inspiration and explanation about how other startups bootstrap their ventures to break even (running lean and reinvesting profits rather than taking on investment). This is a great article about how a startup team managed to work their way to $25k in revenue in 3 months with a good idea, rigorous testing and a prototype product which consisted of a Wufoo form and Mailchimp.

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