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Youth Codesign Reflection Cards

Youth Codesign Team Reflection Cards

By Toni Reid | November 1, 2017

How do you assess your organisation’s or community’s ability to codesign alongside young people?

Sometimes it’s hard to know – and that’s where these reflection cards can come in handy. The questions will prompt you and your team to consider …

Reflection sort cards

By Toni Reid | September 13, 2017

This pack includes 21 questions can be printed on photo stock or plain paper and are a great reflective prompt. We’ve used these cards to structure project de-briefs and reflective-oriented sessions.

Thanks to our friends at Ormiston Junior College for …

Supporting good decision making in small teams

By Toni Reid | August 23, 2017

You’ve started a project! Nice work. But how do you continue well? How do you make sure your team are on the same page and aren’t making unfair or incorrect assumptions about each other?

This worksheet offers some thinking about …

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Running Lean Startup Experiments

By Gina Rembe | February 10, 2015

Running Lean Startup Experiments from Lifehack HQ


Lean Startup Experiments are a method to generate the currency of Entrepreneurship – learning.

In this workshop, first presented at Live The Dream by Sam Rye (co-Lead at Lifehack), we’ll take you …

Teamwork & Culture Deck

By Gina Rembe | February 10, 2015

Teamwork & Culture : Presentation for Live The Dream 2015 from Lifehack HQ

This workshop slide deck provides a set of stories and ideas which Chelsea Robinson (Lifehack co-Lead) has experienced in her own life, and which provide a useful …