Touching Base in Auckland and Dunedin

I had an amazing trip to Auckland and Dunedin. I met up with members of each top 10 team in those cities, as well as the wider community of Lifehack supporters. Thanks to everyone who took the time to come say hello!

Meeting everyone in person underlined for me how much enthusiasm, generosity, and excitement people have for all the Lifehack projects, and the Lifehack vision overall. People were drawn to participate in the weekend events because of their shared values and passion to make a difference for mental wellbeing of young New Zealanders – and they are still going strong with that motivation into the next phase.

Dunedin regional coordinator Tom and Alanna from Enspiral enjoying a meetup over coffee with the vibrant community of Lifehackers in Dunedin

The philosophy Enspiral┬áis bringing to designing the next phase of Lifehack is all about collaboration. So the feedback and ideas I got from my conversations with people throughout the Lifehack community have been crucial. I am really fired about about what’s coming next!

A lot of Lifehackers have accepted our invitation to come to Social Enterprise Week. It’s going to be a fantastic chance for people from all over the country to come together. Can’t wait to see many of the same faces in August as I met on my trip!

– Alanna

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