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Lifehack’s Four Year Journey: Wrapping Up In October 2017

By Paul McGregor | October 20, 2017

“Is Lifehack an institution or an intervention?” – Gina Rembe


As we draw to the close of Lifehack’s mahi, we would like to send a massive thank you and mihi to everybody who’s contributed to our kaupapa in the …

How To Use User Personas (And Our Personas From The Fellowship)

By Toni Reid | September 22, 2017

User personas are a powerful tool to help clarify who you’re trying to serve and how you can best help them. As a tool from the start-up, marketing and design worlds, we wanted to show you how we’ve used them …

Enabling participation in co-design

By Toni Reid | August 9, 2017

It’s time to go full circle and share with you our learnings on youth participation over the past three years. If you’re working in youth development or you’re part of a start-up that’s building a cross-disciplinary wellbeing/mental health intervention, read …

Enabling Youth Wellbeing: Developing a Lifehack Impact Model

By Penny Hagen | April 19, 2017

Over several months at the end of 2016 we developed a comprehensive impact model for Lifehack. It helps consolidate and share what we’ve learnt between 2013 and 2016 about how an innovation initiative like Lifehack creates and tracks impact. The …

Straight from the horse’s mouth: Youth workers and their lessons on youth engagement

By Gina Rembe | December 14, 2016

This is a guest post from Paul Thompson and Cat Gooding, who are youth workers at the Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust. During our Upper Hutt programme Oro, those two ran a great session on meaningfully youth engagement – as …