Sam Rye: 3 Questions I still have about Social Labs (Throwback to 2016)

Social Labs, you’ve probably heard us talk about them, you might have been part of one and you might also have hosted one. We’ve dug out this Medium post by the our tuakana (and ex co-lead) Sam Rye from back in early 2016.

In the article Sam explores some key tenets of Social Labs, and explores the complex reality which they can operate in.


What happens to those people as the Lab eventually draws to an end? Do they go back into organisations? Into consulting? Do they stay connected? If done properly, these people will be tightly knotted together by their collective experience. They will have common language, culture and practices.



Follow this link to the full Medium article on the Lifehack wanaga to read more about Sam’s perspective on Social Labs.

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