Lifehack is a systems-level intervention in youth mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We’re about growing the capacity of the system to support the wellbeing of young people, with an emphasis on co-design, prevention and capability building.

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Community blog post Jan 2017

The Lifehack Community: successes, failures and futures

In the last three years Lifehack has directly engaged with over 1500 people in kanohi ki te kanohi (face-to-face) programmes and events. We’ve put lots of time and effort into creating safe spaces for people to connect and learn. Which means that most people leave feeling hopeful, inspired and motivated to work alongside young people to…

Working with our young people: reflections on Oro from Mike Ryan, Director Community Services, Upper Hutt City Council

Mike Ryan, Director Community Services at Upper Hutt City Council has written this guest post on Oro, Lifehack’s most recent place-based collaboration based in Upper Hutt. In it Mike shares his reflections on the development and benefits of the programme, as well as how the programme has changed the Council’s approach to working with and for Upper Hutt’s young people…

Oro: Final hui and programme celebration evening

Over the past two months the Lifehack team has been running a programme in Upper Hutt called Oro, which focuses on mobilising the local community around a series of local initiatives and igniting localised cross-sector collaboration. This blog post is a wrap up of the final hui and celebration evening held at Expressions Art Centre…

Straight from the horse’s mouth: Youth workers and their lessons on meaningful codesign

This is a guest post from Paul Thompson and Cat Gooding, who are youth workers at the Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust. During our Upper Hutt programme Oro, those two ran a great session on meaningfully engaging young people—as well as sharing some painful lessons. Big up to those two for being so honest and…


Co-designing learning sessions

Earlier this year, Toni and Dayna from Lifehack had been working with a bunch of Lifehack community members to co-design a series of opportunities for people to upskill in a variety of tools that Lifehack has developed in partnership with others (like Ngā Uri Ō, and borrowed (like Five Ways to Wellbeing or Experiments). Lifehack…

Lifehack Weekend – Oro Upper Hutt

On 11 November 2016, around 15 people over the weekend came together to support the Oro whānau in their aspirations to develop existing and build new wellbeing initiatives that are co-designed with young people of Upper Hutt. This weekend event was part of a larger commitment of 26 participants, all of whom are participating in…


Six months on – Youthline and Sovereign

Earlier this year we set off on a project with Sovereign Insurance and Youthline Manukau. The idea was to augment the existing community partnership between the two organisations, while synchronously improving the wellbeing of young people through support services offered to them. For Youthline, it was about utilising the Sovereign team’s demonstrable business acumen for…

Tahatū Rangi: An area ripe for disruption

Hosted by Platform Trust, Tahatū Rangi bought together around one hundred people from the NGO mental health and addictions workforce at Te Papa on the 20 & 21st October. Toni and Dayna from Lifehack went along to check it out.  The key theme of this symposium was collaboration, how we might go about working better…


Oro–Upper Hutt Programme has begun

Our new programme, Oro, kicked off two weekends ago. And what a weekend it was! We were joined by twenty five people, all whom had deep personal or professional connections to Upper Hutt. We couldn’t have done this without support from the Namaste Foundation, CAYAD, ACC, Upper Hutt City Council and the Upper Hutt Community…