Lifehack is a systems-level intervention in youth mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We’re about growing the capacity of the system to support the wellbeing of young people, with an emphasis on co-design, prevention and capability building.

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Six months on – Youthline and Sovereign

Earlier this year we set off on a project with Sovereign Insurance and Youthline Manukau. The idea was to augment the existing community partnership between the two organisations, while synchronously improving the wellbeing of young people through support services offered to them. For Youthline, it was about utilising the Sovereign team’s demonstrable business acumen for…

Tahatū Rangi: An area ripe for disruption

Hosted by Platform Trust, Tahatū Rangi bought together around one hundred people from the NGO mental health and addictions workforce at Te Papa on the 20 & 21st October. Toni and Dayna from Lifehack went along to check it out.  The key theme of this symposium was collaboration, how we might go about working better…


Oro–Upper Hutt Programme has begun

Our new programme, Oro, kicked off two weekends ago. And what a weekend it was! We were joined by twenty five people, all whom had deep personal or professional connections to Upper Hutt. We couldn’t have done this without support from the Namaste Foundation, CAYAD, ACC, Upper Hutt City Council and the Upper Hutt Community…

Designing Oro–Upper Hutt

Below are some five lessons from working at the intersection—and how we integrated those in our newest programme Oro. Lifehack has been experimenting with different programme shapes and intensities since early in 2014. This has resulted in us running online courses, part-time and full-time programmes. It’s been two-day weekend events or programmes so long people…

Lifehack’s top three reasons for getting back to nature #mhawnz

  It’s Mental Health Awareness Week at the moment. The focus this year is connecting with nature and in this post we’ll be telling you our top three reasons to get out in nature and the benefits to your wellbeing. You might have noticed the #mhawnz across social media—and we’d love to hear from you…

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week #mhwnz

Mental Health Awareness Week is marked by 150 countries annually, and this week is Aotearoa’s turn! During this week you’ll see a bunch of social media posts with the #mhawnz and we encourage you to get involved. You can check out what’s happening in your local area here. Connecting with nature can be a super…

Lifehack at Festival For The Future

  Photo by Iris Riddle. Iris is the marketing manager at Inspiring Stories and was also on the 2016 Flourishing Fellowship Last weekend, the Lifehack team had the amazing opportunity to attend Festival For The Future. Over 900 people gather at the Aotea Centre in Central Auckland to listen to keynote speakers, attend workshops and…


Reflections on Te Tiriti o Waitangi workshop

Reflections on Te Tiriti o Waitangi workshop The following is a post by Christina Curley, a 2015 Flourishing Fellow on her reflections of attending Te Tiriti o Waitangi workshop. What does it mean to be a bicultural and purpose ­driven organisation in Aotearoa New Zealand? I’ve been thinking recently about this as I’m working through the process of creating organisational cultures for my startups (Upwards and Savvy Up), as growing a baby company from scratch means the chance to “bake in” cultural practices/tikanga. So it was with this frame of reference…

Sovereign’s Clark Todd: Building on trust and potential

The following is a guest post by Clark Todd, Head of Corporate Responsibility at Sovereign Insurance. A corporate funded social innovation project can help to make a positive change to a community or not for profits that need support. It can also provide learnings that make a big difference to how companies tackle challenges within…