Nelson Tasman weekend event Final Project

Lifehack has finalised the third and final project for this weekend, we’re happy to announce that Nelson’s Live Arts will be joining us for the two and a half days this weekend.


Here’s a bit more info about Nelson Arts:

We want to make a difference in young people’s lives, theatre and the arts offers a safe and inclusive space for self-expression and creative output.

To take the current Nelson Arts youth performance company and diversify our offerings. Diversifying for us is to make the new opportunities available to the young people in Nelson in fields outside of theatre; encompassing music, audio engineering, prop-making, backstage work, and more.


We have a long history of working with the community, as well as patronage and resource. We’re here to co-design and work with the young people to provide them with vocational and social skills as an output of being involved with theatre and the arts so that they we can have a lifelong positive impact on their lives. We’re aiming to work with young people aged between 13-18, with a few either side.

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