Mapping our network

Toni, Dayna and myself took a bit of time last week to map out the Lifehack network and universe.

Collaboration is baked into what we do—but when we put it on paper (or screen) it became even more obvious. Seeing some of the Lifehack-affiliated initiatives work together makes my heart sing! Only last weekend, Jamie and two of the wahine from Kamp Kaitiaki in the Far North came to Wellington to participate in the Shift Jam, run by Fran, Katie and Chloe who are part of last year’s and this year’s Flourishing Fellowship respectively. You can see their (successful) pitch for funding here.

A few weeks ago, Ellie and Christel from this year’s Fellowship went up to Kaitaia to work with Carolyn and Dougal, from the same cohort. Moana Creative, Dougal and Carolyn’s creative agency, have been supporting Kamp Kaitiaki with their awesome video skills (check out the web series here).

So have a look below. It’s obviously only a start and we have forgotten lots of you for sure! This is the first iteration and we’re intending on keeping it reasonably up to date.

If you’d like to be added or removed please get in touch with Gina.

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