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After leaving Richmond, Nelson, we were at a loss to describe the amazing people we;’d encountered and had the privilege to work with. We asked one of the participants to provide a few words that sum up the experience for them, read more below to get a feel for what a Lifehack weekend is all about.


No three words on earth could describe how these three days made me feel.


My name is Te Maungarongo (Te Maunga) and I come from a Queer* Straight Alliance called Q-Youth. On the 6th to the 8th of November I attended the Lifehack weekend and to be honest, I was really underwhelmed by what I saw. But the more I listened, watched, and digested the things being said I was amazed by the “magic,” as Toni would say, that was sprouting out from the conversations.

Lifehack Nelson was a weekend where youth organisation and support groups come together and collaborate to plan projects and make dreams come true!

Lifehack weekends are great opportunities to meet other organisations, and help them develop their organisation, whilst having them help you. It is also a wonderful group to come to if you plan on bring down the government and CHANGING THE WORLD!

But in all seriousness Lifehack is one of the best organisations in  New Zealand, and I can’t believe what they do to help small and big support groups  to develop further.

I hope that along with this organisation our future can be filled with collaboration and positive progress!

I can’t wait to see what becomes of LifeHack in the future.

Te Maungarongo, Q-Youth and Nelson College Alliance of Queers and Straights.

*An umbrella term for the whole LGBTIA+ community.


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