#LifehackLabs Participants’ Perspective: Week 2

The Tale of Week Two in the Kingdom of Lifehack Labs, brought to you by Jade and Jess.

Once upon a time (or, to be exact, Monday, 25 August), in the not-so-faraway land of Lifehack HQ, our family of 20 young social innovators embarked on our second week of Lifehack Labs.

The second stage of our quest began with Princess Gina bringing us up to speed on the world of wellbeing technology and a special visit by Her Highness, Hannah Dunlop, from the Red Cross Kingdom in Christchurch, who showered us with knowledge of positive youth development and gifts to spread happiness and smiles far and wide from the all right? campaign.

Paper compliments from All Right?


Sir Julian of Enspiral took our minds into the future with flying creations, rapid prototyping and validation to get us prepared for the design thinking challenges that lay on the path ahead while Lady Ali Jacs provided our evening slam poetry entertainment.

Lifehack Labs team learning Continuous Improvement with Paper Darts

Life started getting more serious when Lord Michael arrived from the land of Akina to school us in the ways of Lean Canvas and Business Models. Modelling took on a number of different forms throughout this week’s journey when we got the chance to create prototypes for each other and were then treated to a life drawing skill session hosted by the lovely Princess Zoë and her Court Jesters Jess and Nate.


Our kingdom is full of talent and Lord Ryan taught us about looking at design thinking through an ethnography lens. As usual, minds were blown and just as we were knitting our grey matter back together, Lady Terry catapulted us into the future again with a ground breaking gamified solution for mental health.

Lifehack Labs Office - Light Shines In



Fireside chats with King Keoni and Lord Sam about their past adventures and Queen Chelsea’s personality profile games led the way into the unknown territory of team formation. Armed for battle with our Soldiers, Shamans, Pirates and Ninjas, we successfully managed to join forces with like minds before riding into the sunset for a couple of days of sunshine so we can all live happily ever after (or for next week at least).


The end…or really just the beginning.

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