It Hasn’t Been Easy

I’m not going to lie to you – the last seven days have been emotionally draining! Feeling the pressure to keep LIFEHACK progressing is hard when you’re tank’s running empty. From receiving the resignation letter from our Auckland Regional Coordinator to back-to-back of unproductive meetings – it’s safe to say last week was a shit week for me

Feeling the pressure, I knew I had to kick start this week with with a bang. I spent Sunday evening planning this week – creating and reorganising tasks, responding to emails, reflecting on last weeks wins/losses, and put together a plan to help keep me focused and on track this week.  Result: Monday started well – writing this post at 7:48am. 

Highlights from last week: 

Venue: Auckland’s weekend has a venue! I’m stoked to announce that LIFEHACK’s first weekend will be held at AUT’s latest and greatest ($160m worth of awesome!) Creative and Technology building – The Sir Paul Reeves Building. 

Designed to reflect what students around the world want from their learning spaces, the Sir Paul Reeves Building and the areas within it are flexible, contemporary and invite collaboration – perfect for the needs of LIFEHACK’s first weekend. (Good luck filling these boots Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin… the bar has been raised!)

PureFresh Organics is providing LIFEHACK with fresh, organic fruit and vege’s to each weekend event. 

Webdrive has generously offered to sponsor ALL technology infrastructure requirements to LIFEHACK. (Think managed severs, technology advice, etc) 

Later today I’ll be chasing down two other companies I want involved to supply food/drinks to LIFEHACK weekends. I hope for their sake they don’t tell me no –  I’m like a dog with a bone, and don’t give up easily. If at all! 

If you know any sponsors you’d like to see at our weekends, or supporting our brand, let me know. (you can do this in the comments below)


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