Hustlin’ in Wellington

Exciting times!

Wellington registrations are starting to roll in, but we’d love to see more of them – so please do feel free to share the word about Lifehack and mention it to your friends!

Off the back of the launch up in Auckland, I’ve been carrying the energy down to Wellington and am already starting to be asked about LIFEHACK by a lot of people. It’s looking like we’ll have some fantastic mentors involved, so not only will it be like a house party where we build cool solutions, it’ll also be a great opportunity to learn and develop your skills too. So get in quick with your registration.

I’m on the hunt for an awesome venue, and I think I know where that might be. That said, if you know of a great space to host about 50-60 people which will lead to unbridled creativity – I want to hear from you! Tweet me here, or get in touch by email. Likewise, we also are on the look out for some more cool mentors & judges in the areas of UI/UX design, graphic design, big data, data visualisation, and surrounding topics. If you think this is you, or someone you know – get in touch.


I had a fantastic time working on the event experience design in Auckland with a good friend Chloe in The Kitchen, and I think we’re going to have something which will give all the participants a fantastic weekend of inspiration, ideation & solution prototyping.What an opportunity – I can’t wait for the weekends. I’ll be up in Auckland for the first event to help host that one too, which is going to be a fantastic birthday present!

Right, well it’s back to firing up the networks and making sense of getting this event up and running.

See ya next week for an update!


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