Halfway In : Lifehack Labs Online

Wow, time is flying by for our first Lifehack Labs Online cohort! We set them a challenge at the beginning of the year; go from “I have an idea”, to “I have a version of my tech that I can trial with people”… in 3 weeks.

So far, our Lifehackers have got some great ideas on the boil:

  • How might we acknowledge the increasing amount of male youth suicides by utilizing positivity through technology and music?
  • How might we use technology to help education, corporate and community sectors work together to achieve coherent civil society?
  • How might we use technology to address depression in individuals and empower their support networks?

We’ve been delivering our first online Labs cohort with two emails a week containing some of the best knowledge we’ve built up from our experience of social ventures & tech startups, as well as some great curated resources from around the web. We’re also hooking them up with some great tools (like LeanStack who’ve made us an official accelerator!) and mentors.

3 weeks is a huge challenge to pack in a great amount of learning and still work on your idea, but it’s the kind of energy and cadence which we know you need in the early days of crossing the chasm from Idea to World Changing Tech. You’ll hear some more from us next week about other ways we’re going to help people bridge the chasm – in the meantime here’s some great advice from startup founders.

Finally, here’s a great resource from Pollenizer on the importance of Focus for Entrepreneurs.

(hint: you can also get the first chapters as a sample here if you sign up to the awesome Pollenizer newsletter)

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