Exciting new phase of Lifehack

Since Silvia & Alanna visited the teams in July, the Lifehack governance group has been working hard in the background to find a team to take the project forward over the coming years.  We recognised that the right mix of skills and personalities was needed to take Lifehack to the next level, provide a great experience for future participants, and wrap the best support possible around the teams who’ve come through the first year.

So it’s time to unveil our new team!  

Please welcome Rohan Wakefield, Sam Rye & Chelsea Robinson. Here’s a little from each of the team about why they joined Lifehack.

Rohan – Lifehack Coach

What a dream job! Being able to work with incredible people to provide such life changing solutions and at the same time having a huge amount of fun – it doesn’t get more exciting that this for me. After only 3 weeks in the job I have been overwhelmed by the achievements of Lifehack and the Lifehack teams so far. I see so many exciting and innovative opportunities to carry this momentum on into the next phase. We are all very much in the reconnecting phase so please get in touch if we have not connected already. I am very keen to come up to speed as fast as possible with the community we have around Lifehack.

Sam – Lifehack Community Builder

“I was delighted to get the chance to rejoin the Lifehack team, having been involved as the Wellington Co-ordinator, and working closely with Jason in the early days to help design the weekend experience alongside Chloe Waretini. Lifehack sparked many conversations with friends, family and people who knew I was running the Wellington event, and really opened my eyes to how many people I knew who had been touched in some way by mental health challenges. I have spent the last few years of my life focused on the intersection of purpose, entrepreneurship, creativity, technology and collaborative events, so to join the team as a Community Builder – excited to be able to wrap all of these elements together. Please get in touch. I want to know who out there is wanting to be on this wave of awesomeness with us.”

Chelsea – Lifehack Coordination and Support

“Coming on as the Lifehack Co-ordinator has been wonderful and eye opening. Throughout this year I’ve been in awe of what Lifehack is aiming to achieve & the kinds of wonderful people the project is bringing together. In the past few years, I’ve been involved with building youth groups in universities, helping entrepreneurs around the country build and progress their start ups, and designing programs to help people and groups learn and grow. One of the most important parts of Lifehack for me is making it inclusive and accessible, and I am delighted to work alongside Sam and Rohan to support them and the Lifehack project as a whole.”

Remember, it’s easy to get in touch & we’d love to hear your ideas and suggestions – just email hello@lifehackhq.co

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