Dunedin – last but not least!

Dunedin has one of the highest populations of students and of young people in the country – and it makes sense! Home to the University of Otago, Otago Polytechnic and a myriad of high schools Dunedin can be a great place to grow up and gain a world class education. With almost 40% of the population (~ 50,000 people!!) being under the age of 24 Dunedin is truly a student town!

Here at LIFEHACK we want to make sure that as well as being home to young people those same young people have some awesome opportunities to bring real change to their friends, families and wider communities.

I’m excited to be the regional coordinator for Dunedin and am looking forward to the weekend of the 26–28 April when almost a hundred young people, mentors, coaches and judges will be getting together to help bring change to all those who attend and to the communities they come from.

We’re hoping to have the venue sorted in the next two weeks but if you are keen on getting involved or attending LIFEHACK Dunedin please register on the website here https://lifehackhq.co/#join or flick me an email on dunedin@lifehack.co

Looking forward to hearing from and meeting all you awesome LIFEHACKers soon!

Tom :)

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