Counting down to Christchurch – Registrations close on Friday!

Things have been hectic here in Christchurch this week, with the end of the week and the close of registrations drawing nearer!

Big thanks to the Ministry of Awesome, IITP, and CPIT, for putting the word out!, and we’re looking forward to chatting with the crew at RDU tomorrow morning, to talk about LIFEHACK!

We’ve been working on finding COFEE, FOOD and DRINKS to keep our Lifehackers happy during the weekend.  If your company would like to help out and support the Lifehackers or if you have some cool booty you’d like to give us, contact Renea at and we’ll Tweet you very much! ^_^

Olivia and I, went to check out our awesome venue at the The Undercroft, in the James Hight Building at the University of Canterbury.  

It’s a really cool space, and turns out, it does have a kitchen area. :)

We took a few photos and took a video to show you the outside space.  If you’re Lifehacking all weekend, having some relaxing outdoor space will be pretty important.  We love the water feature!

Check it Out!




Don’t forget to watch our video

So our very own Maia Kaa, was a judge at the LIFEHACK Auckland Weekend.  We asked Maia what she thought of her very first ever LIFEHACK experience. She was amazed at how talented the teams were, how much fun it was, and she can’t wait until the next one in Wellington!

We’re only a week and bit away from LIFEHACK Christchurch, so come on Cantabrians! Show us what you’ve got! REGISTER NOW!!

See ya soon!

Renea & Olivia

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