Christchurch gets Lifehacked!


The LIFEHACK Weekends of 2014 took flight at the beginning of March with the aim of supporting local innovators and wellbeing causes by putting the call out to dreamers, doers and thinkers to unleash their skills on the projects for a weekend.

The line up included a diverse range of skills, backgrounds and talents, from illustrators to vets, developers to walking music encyclopaedias!

Our first local cause was championed by Bridie Chetwin-Kelly who had a vision for how music could connect young males in New Zealand to enable better conversations and shift their mood through uplifting music.

Our second local cause was led by Zhiyan Basharati of Summerz End Youthfest who were on a mission to create an engaging experience for a wide variety of Christchurch’s young people to come together and celebrate their cultures through music, dance, skating and more.

Here’s what happened through the weekend:

We were delighted at the creative energy unleashed over the weekend. Both projects got some great new digital assets (like websites and posters) as well as a huge amount of connections, publicity and learnings about new & collaborative ways to work.

You can keep in touch with Bridie’s project : Brozac

Also make sure you check out Summerz End Youthfest which is happening on 5 April.

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  • Put the call out, and it will be answered – Christchurch really rose to the invitation to support the innovators!
  • It’s amazing what you can build in a weekend.
  • Interviewing real customers/users is vital to shaping a good idea into a great one.
  • There’s some bright minds in NZ and if we can give them the knowledge and a platform to work together, great things can happen for youth wellbeing (watch this space!).


We’re planning more weekends around the country, so keep an eye on our website for events in your area and sign up to the newsletter.

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