Auckland Lifehackers Assemble!

We’re sprinting towards our first LIFEHACK weekend, with Auckland proceedings kicking off in just over a day!

And of course the most important part of a LIFEHACK Weekend is the LIFEHACKERS themselves, so we were pretty excited to lock down our first list of LIFEHACKERS on Tuesday afternoon.

Seeing our hipsters, hackers and hustlers all together was electrifying, and sending off confirmation emails, welcoming the crew to the event and hearing their excitement over social media left us a little teary eyed.

And today, we’re even more excited to be able to show our team off to the rest world! We’re practically exploding we’re so excited! Boom!

So here they are! Introducing the AUCKLAND LIFEHACKERS!


They’re a clever bunch of rule-breakers and change makers, and we can’t wait to see what world changing ideas they come up with over the course of the weekend.

Choosing our LIFEHACKERS, though, was an incredibly hard task, we’ve had so many great applicants! But while we would have liked to include everybody, we knew we had to limit our numbers, otherwise we’d be all crammed in like sardines in a tin.

So thanks to everyone that registered for the Auckland Weekend, we really appreciate your support of LIFEHACK and hopefully we’ll see more of you in the future.

And don’t forget we do have three other weekends to go, so if you’d still like to participate, registration is still open for the Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin events. Join In! Lifehack with us!

Alternatively, email if you’d like us to contact you if a spot does becomes available.

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