Toni Reid: Reflections on the Flourishing Fellowship (Throwback to 2016)

Back in 2016 Toni wrote up some of their reflections on the Flourishing Fellowship programme. This medium post captures some of our thinking at the time about the role of the Fellowship in bringing together cross-sector approaches to youth wellbeing in Aotearoa.


Part of Lifehack’s ongoing strategy is to build a series of wellbeing ambassadors, who, in their own regions have the agency and tools to influence positive social change, while being part of a larger community of interconnected humans all who want to positively influence the complex and systemic drivers of wellbeing in Aotearoa.

Many participants had light bulb moments, at differing parts of their journey, we witnessed people realising that they do have the agency to make change through their plethora of existing skillsets and solid relationships.

Follow this link through to the Lifehack wānaga to read the full article.

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