Only 4 Days until Nelson gets Lifehacked!

We are fortunate to be working alongside two projects that address some serious social issues that impact youth wellbeing. We’re also looking for anyone, of any age to come to this event as a participant.


Ten reasons to come to a Lifehack weekend event:

  1. Meet other good humans in your community who are the type of people you’re mum would be happy for you to be friends with
  2. Rock out your ninja skills, be it your ace parenting skills, coding or art.
  3. Learn more about the social issues that impact young people in your region.
  4. Connect with people at a deeper level on meaningful things.
  5. Contribute to the lives of young people in the region through helping shape important services.
  6. Be part of the film clip that is being put together.
  7. Meet the Mayor on Sunday!
  8. Get your face in the paper.
  9. Score some good karma!
  10. Share some great kai while working on youth wellbeing


Equaliser: The Bullying Prevention Project

This project is lead by Paul Johnson, who wants to help break the cycle of hurt people hurting others through the medium of music. Paul views music as a powerful tool in engaging young people and catalysing social change. So far with this approach, the Equaliser project has worked with a number of young people in the Tasman region to produce a CD with 23 tracks and a sound cloud page which includes over 30 recordings and hosted two concerts.

Below is a video from the concert in September at NMIT featuring Indigo Levett.

The second project involved is Q-Youth, lead by Marcia Hickmott, described by the Nelson Mail as a “ray of energy”  who – along with her Q-Youth whanau look to provide a safe respectful places for rainbow youth and support for families. Marcia has a vision of the region leading the way in creating safe spaces for GLBT young people to be all they can be through creating gay/straight alliances at the local high schools, drop in spaces in Nelson CBD and an emerging online presence.


In five year I would like … “that our community is so bold and bright and supported that people don’t have to move away from home to for friendship and community.” – Marcia

image from Nelson MailWhat’s going to happen?

Lifehack Weekends are a great opportunity to kickstart creativity and innovation in a wide section of our society, around the country. We blend an engaging, fun social experience, with a highly collaborative way of working on issues which are best addressed through a diverse bunch of people working together. So far, we’ve held weekend events in Kaitaia, Invercargill, Greymouth, Christchurch and Wellington… now it’s time for Richmond!!!

Friday will be the get to know each other part, where we’ll have food and drinks for everyone that evening.

Saturday we’ll spend more time getting to know the projects and work out what we can collectively do to help them, in the afternoon we’ll move into project groups for the remainder of the weekend.

Sunday is the final sprint! Heads down and preparing for the end of the event, where in the afternoon participants have the opportunity to present what they’ve done back to the project holders.

The entire event is fully catered, all you need to do is show up!

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