eBook: Experiments, Prototypes & MVP’s


Experiments are a method to generate the currency of entrepreneurship – learning.

But how do they relate to Prototypes and MVP’s? Aren’t they the same thing? If they’re not, when would you use each of them? What does MVP even stand for?!

Our free resource guides you through some of the crucial questions and approaches to running “learning experiments” – an approach outlined in Lean Startup, and sets the crucial tactics of Prototyping and creating an MVP into context.

Experiments can be useful for learning more about products, services, business models, team culture, users, and much more – they are the┬ácornerstone of a rigorous approach to innovation whether it’s in a business, government or any other capacity.

Who is this for?
This is a great resource for people working on startups, social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and more.

Download the free resource and share some of your thoughts with us in the comments.


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