Lifehack Nelson/Tasman: Welcoming Projects & Participants

Lifehack is coming to the Nelson Tasman region!


We’re excited to announce our Lifehack weekend coming up in November, running from Friday the 6th to Sunday the 8th.


Lifehack weekends are a great way for the community to get involved in the different wellbeing projects that surround them, but to make it happen we need to find those projects. This is a call for those projects to get in touch with us, but what makes up a good project for a Lifehack weekend event?


The Projects

We’re looking for 2 or 3 individuals or organisations. The project holders are usually already working in the Youth Wellbeing space but struggling with the creative / tech side of things, or they’re social ventures which have a Youth Wellbeing & Tech focus which need a Lifehack rocket ship behind them to launch them into the stratosphere.


We’re looking for projects that have had some real-world experience, simply put this means that you’ve tried to run something with people before within your community. We look for projects that have had this experience as they are in the best possible situation to gain the most value from this style of event.


The Lifehack team will work with these organisations to develop a Design Brief for the Lifehack Weekend.


Participants / Lifehackers

The participants (aka Lifehackers) are often a mixed bunch. We focus our communications on 16-35 year olds, but really there’s no age limits if people are bringing their skills to work on great projects. We generally look for a mix of graphic designers, web developers, UX (user experience) designers, psychologists, parents, entrepreneurs, communications & marketing professionals, social media managers, and more. They have to be open to self organising, working in a creative atmosphere and moving quickly through the weekend. They also must commit to the whole weekend.


We’re a firm believer in the fact that every member of the community has something to offer, and we want to you to come along and put your heads together to create, mould, and shape change for local initiatives.


So how do I get involved?




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