Oro – Community Weekend Event

lifehack-oro_transparentWant a chance to contribute meaningfully to the Upper Hutt community? Want to try something new? Are you passionate about the wellbeing of young people?

Join us for a free community working bee (aka hackathon) to put our collective energy behind some of the local youth initiatives. Apply your skills (and pick up some new ones), make connections and contribute your knowledge, skills and experience to turbocharge and activate new or current youth community wellbeing initiatives in the Upper Hutt area. 


Projects for the weekend are:

1. The Upper Hutt Community Youth Trust are looking to expand their barista training programme, where young people learn how to make delicious coffee, into a social enterprise through a mobile coffee cart.
2. Cameron from Orongomai marae is launching an initiative called Whakamanatia for members of the LGBTQI community based in Upper Hutt.
3. Upper Hutt City Council and CAYAD will be codesigning processes that engage young people issues that affect them, with the view to involving them in creating approaches to those issues. This will based in the civc and decision-making space.


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Lower Hutt Weekend event in October 2015

Key principles of the event:

  • The opportunity to work collectively and collaboratively
  • A space to explore new ways of working together
  • To come up with new interventions, or improve existing ones, that lastingly improve youth wellbeing in Upper Hutt, with the young people of Upper Hutt

Dates and times

The event kicks off on Friday 11 November at 5pm. Over kai you’ll hear a bit more about the three projects we’ll be working on over the weekend. On Saturday you’ll get to know who’s in the room, and we’ll build some shared understanding about the projects, and put some to-do lists together. The rest of Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning will be spent working on the projects directly, making use of the collective energy, contacts and resources. On Sunday afternoon each project group (which participants can freely choose and swap in-between) shares back what they achieved together. On Saturday and Sunday the event runs between 10am-4pm.

To get a feel for the event, please have a look at this video from our Lower Hutt event from last year. Other places we’ve run these types of events are Invercargill, Greymouth, Christchurch, Richmond, Kaitaia and Wellington.


We’ll be supplying free yummy kai put in by Orongomai Marae for all participants and of course have tea and coffee throughout. Please sign up through this link, and spread the word to your friends and whānau.



This event is generously supported by: