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Hacking From the Inside Out

The last few months have been crazy! LIFEHACK has taken shape faster than any project I’ve ever been involved in. The roadmap of my life over the last few months has looked something like this: funding-idea-branding-signoff-planning-hire-do-do-do-hire-do-do-do-hire-hire-launch-do-even more…. all in just over three months! And we’re really just at the beginning…  Moving at this speed can…

And so it all begins. LIFEHACK launched last night!! Official media release is here for your reading.   Date: 28 February 2013   LIFEHACK CALLS FOR HIPSTERS, HACKERS & HUSTLERS TO HELP COMBAT YOUTH MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES LIFEHACK, a new initiative aimed at tackling youth mental health issues head-on is calling for skilled and creative…

Calling all Hipsters, Hackers & Hustlers!

We’re counting down now until our official project launch. Only a couple to go! We’ll share the details of what we’re up to here soon… watch this space! For now though, all you need to know is that we’re calling hipsters, hackers & hustlers to get involved.