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  1. Hey there. Thank you for your commentary on Wgtn’s 2015 Resilience workshop, particularly the commentary around thinking of alternatives to the ‘risk management’ ethos and thinking more about a ‘well-being’ approach. I have been working in ‘risk management’ for a few years now and it has been a frustration for me that resilience remains very much a ‘discussion point’, rather than action points. However, with great organisations like yours highlighting ground-up resilience, I believe we are making strides. With that in mind, I have been considering the potential for a Resilience Symposium or talk series in my base of Queenstown – there are a number of individuals and groups here working with that goal who, I believe, would benefit from being brought together and given a platform – including environmentally-focused businesses (Wilding and Co being an example), youth groups, entrepreneurs and innovators, artists and ‘imports’ such as the Brainerds who are contributing to community developments. I would love to connect with somebody on this, as it would be fantastic to have a group like LifeHack contributing their expertise. I have also floated this idea with the Akina Foundation, as I believe that having regional profile of social enterprise will be beneficial in the lead-up to the Social Enterprise Forum in Christchurch in 2017. Thank you for your time, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you also for your brave work – I was once a young person facing mental health issues and I always feel grateful for organisations such as your’s.

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