Engage Aotearoa

Engage Aotearoa at Lifehack Weekend 2014

Engage Aotearoa

Engage Aotearoa is a recovery promotion project governed by Community Mental-Health Resources Trust (CMHRT) with one simple aim: make it easier for other people to find the hopeful understandings, practical strategies, treatments and community connections needed to recover from a mental health problem.

The team wanted to create a Coping Kete, a tool for expanding coping resources as a way to build better mental health and survive the crisis points. The Coping Kete, now online, has over 160 different strategies that a person can use to change their thought mechanisms and practice more self-compassion. The content is pretty awesome!

The Coping Kete is a great resource for anyone seeking coping strategies in their own lives. It was also utilised really well by teacher Ilana Signal. She incorporated the content from the Coping Kete to get her Year 9 students talking about coping, and at the same time engage them meaningfully in the Static Image component of the English curriculum. The images that came out of this project can be found here.

The team involved in the weekend also did extensive user empathy work and built a prototype of a web-based directory of mental health services.

Find out more about the weekend here.