The Flourishing Fellowship

Flourishing Fellowship

Lifehack has seen the amazing array of people involved in Wellbeing work around the country over the last 2 years; from nurses to entrepreneurs, youth workers to service staff, designers to researchers.

Despite this vast array of talent, there was little opportunity for them to meet, mix, learn from one another, and develop their skills and talents. Most people already in organisations have professional development, but it is narrowly focused on their specific work or organisation, and doesn’t connect them to the wider community.

We’ve created a Fellowship program to bridge this gap, and support the kaiparahuarahi & trailblazers who are leading and supporting important work for youth wellbeing in Aotearoa.

Find out more about the Fellowship:

Flourishing Fellowship Lifehack

More information will be announced on 18 May – sign up on the Fellowship site for information.