Privacy Policy


Lifehack Privacy Policy

Purpose of Policy

To ensure that good information handling practices are in place, aligned with the philosophy of Nothing About Us Without Us, which extends to the collection , storage and disclosure of information for all:

  • Current and prospective Lifehack employees and volunteers.
  • Other individuals connected with Lifehack.


Lifehack, and all of it’s employees and volunteers are committed to adhering to the Privacy Act, 1993.


Lifehack will collect personal information necessary for the operation of its service delivery and as required by law. In the event where law requires such information, the organisation will inform the individual which law requires the information to collect the particular information.


Lifehack may also disclose information relevant to contractual obligations.


Lifehack will collect information including:

  • Identification and contact details for all employees, volunteers.
  • Emergency contact details for all employees and volunteers.


Lifehack will store accurate and up to date information in a manner which maintains confidentiality.


Lifehack may use the information gathered for research and development purposes, permission will be obtained from all individuals involved in such research.


Lifehack will take all reasonable steps to ensure that the sensitive conversations are held privately and cannot be overheard or seen.


Lifehack will  obtain written permission from all individuals to publicly use photographs or videos that they appear in.


If there is a serious threat posed to the safety of a person or the general public, Lifehack will notify the relevant authorities.


Intellectual Property, open source, and confidentiality

This programme has invited you to participate and selected you on the understanding that you are interested developing skills associated with building ventures, initiatives and projects that benefit young people in Aotearoa. It will be your decision how to take this forward in your life, and to what extent. Lifehack shall retain no ownership of IP (intellectual property) or share of equity (company shares), however we may wish to discuss how your IP is used in the future by the Lifehack or other stakeholders. Lifehack encourages an open source philosophy in all areas of our work, when and where suitable. Whilst we strive to adhere to this, we will not compromise security or privacy; this means any personal details, identifiable information, or sensitive information produced or placed in the stewardship of Lifehack will not be disseminated or otherwise distributed unless consent is given by affected parties.


By participating in the Flourishing Fellowship you agree that Lifehack and its stakeholders may refer to you as being or having been a part of the Lifehack Flourishing Fellowship programme, although we will discuss this with you before making any statements.


Relevant Legislation:


  • Vulnerable Children Act 2014
  • Privacy Act, 1993
  • Children, Young Persons and their Families Act 1989
  • The White Paper for Vulnerable Children


Confidentiality and Information Sharing

All Lifehack staff and volunteers must act within the legal requirements of the Privacy Act, Children, Young Person’s and their Families Act, Health information Act and other statutes. There are provisions within each of these acts for sharing information needed to protect children and enable other people to carry out their legitimate functions.


Note: the most up to date version of the Lifehack Privacy Policy may be found here.