Have a look at the programmes we have run to date. They are listed starting with the most recent one, going back in time.

Online Ako: fostering a community of mutual learning

After deciding that venture support was too narrow in focus, we decided to run online ako sessions (te reo Māori for teaching and learning). You can read more about the development behind this as a community intervention here. Topics so far have included the Social Lean Canvas, working bi-culturally in Aotearoa New Zealand and working with LGBTQI communities.

Social Lean Canvas

Upper Hutt—Oro: a local community intervention

Oro was our Upper Hutt-based programme. It brought together members of the community from across the system: young people, youth workers, policy workers, Council staff, training organisations and more. Three prototypes emerged out of this kaupapa, which are still operating in the community. We're currently in the process of finalising the evaluation. You can find a summary video here and the young people's reflection here. Here's a great blog post on meaningful codesign by some participating youth workers, and a reflection by the director of community services from Upper Hutt City Council on his take on codesign.

Flourishing Fellowship 2016, a second iteration

The 2016 Flourishing Fellowship was our second iteration. What we learnt from running the programme again is that it was most engaging to those who had practical opportunities to apply their new learnings and skills in a youth wellbeing context. We worked with Thicket Labs for the evaluation of the programme. Here's a link to the video of the 2016 Fellowship.

Working with Sovereign Insurance and Youthline Manukau to improve volunteer retention

Working with Sovereign Insurance and their community partner Youthline, we worked with the Youthline Manukau branch to increase their volunteer numbers and improve retention. Six months on, volunteer numbers increased four-fold. Sovereign's Clark Todd reflects here on the importance of trust. Ngā Uri Ō, a social process tool for coming together as diverse groups, developed out of this project.

There's more about the initiative on the Sovereign website, including an evaluation report and a video about the project.

Venture support: coaching and supporting wellbeing initiatives

Off the back of Lifehack Labs we coached the ventures that came out of the programme. This included weekly calls, content sessions and networking opportunities for the folks behind the ventures.

Te Kōanga, a four-week venture acceleration programme

Te Kōanga was a four-week venture acceleration programme. Working with three existing youth- and wellbeing projects from the Lifehack community we led a design-centric business and product design programme to further their work.

Massey Everyday Wellbeing Design Challenge

The Wellbeing Design Challenge was a multi-week initiative hosted with Massey University's College of the Creative Arts. We took their design students through a process focussing on designing Everyday Wellbeing interventions. The report can be found here. In addition to this, we create a facilitator's guide and worksheets for those interested in running a similar process.

Flourishing Fellowship, the first one

2015 was the first year we ran a Flourishing Fellowship, based on the learnings from previous programmes like Lifehack Labs. We wrote a report about the programme itself, as well as a guide on how we codesign the programme. This goes alongside the video which explains the process that supports the programme.

Investigating the role of Youth Civics for MYD

Over the course of June 2015, the Lifehack team undertook a participatory approach to investigating the status of youth civic engagement in Aotearoa New Zealand from young people’s perspectives around the topics of voice, voting and volunteering.

Lifehack Labs, a five week social innovation programme

Lifehack Labs was our five week immersive and residential flagship programme of 2014. 20 participants joined us to learn about themselves and their communities to develop potential approaches to some of the challenges people were experiencing. There's the programme report itself, the impact report and the Labs Handbook (process-oriented). There's also a video documentary.

Lifehack Weekends, the overview

Since the beginning of 2014, we've run Lifehack Weekends in various parts of the country, including Christchurch, Greymouth, Invercargill, Wellington, Lower Hutt, Nelson and Upper Hutt. You can find the summary report here.