Lifehack is a systems-level intervention in youth mental health and wellbeing in Aotearoa New Zealand.  We’re about growing the capacity of the system to support the wellbeing of young people, with an emphasis on co-design, prevention and capability building.

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Lifehack Wellington 2014 - Core Crew Selfie

Hacking Life in Wellington

THE CHALLENGE Over the weekend we brought together a crack group of people who wanted to give their time and energy to 3 awesome youth causes. On Friday night we heard from our project hosts about their hopes for the weekend, where they saw their projects heading: ‘Recovery Action Plan’ – Keiran shared how these RAPs were used…

Lifehack Weekend in Wellington

Suggest a cause for the Wellington Lifehack weekend

Following a bunch of Lifehack weekends around the country earlier this year, we’ve come to the conclusion it was about time for a turbo-charged weekend on our home turf in Wellington. Over the weekend of 8 & 9 November, we will be working on three projects that benefit, directly or indirectly, young New Zealanders. Whether…

Lifehack - Impact Evaluation

How Lifehack Assesses Impact

Lifehack has  been learning from the rapidly advancing disciplines of business, design, wellbeing, social innovation and technology and working out how we can apply this to complex problems – specifically youth wellbeing and mental health. One of the those people is Zaid Hassan, UK-based consultant and practicing social innovator who has worked with countries and…

Lifehack Labs - Projects & Ventures

#LifehackLabs – Introducing the Projects & Ventures!

Lifehack Labs was our deepest program to date to discover how we might enable bright Kiwi minds to improve the wellbeing of other young Kiwis through technology. It took the shape of a 5 week social innovation bootcamp which brought together 20 young people, and mashed up the worlds of design, social innovation, entrepreneurship, wellbeing…

Social Labs Revolution - Zaid Hassan - New Zealand

Meet The Author of ‘Social Labs Revolution’!

Do you want to meet the Author of a book which helped inspire Lifehack Labs? Check out the events in October   Tweet about this event: Back in February, we were deep in research mode – trying to make sense of our new direction with Lifehack, and explain to people how this new approach worked. We…

Photo of the Lifehack Labs 2014 Core Crew

#LifehackLabs – Week 5 – Sprint to Springboard

Week 5 of Lifehack Labs was all about teams building toward the future. With the final event fast approaching, the Labs teams were again set loose to choose their own paths in the final week. Whether it was conducting user interviews, developing a prototype, having deeper ‘team expectations’ discussions, writing finale event stories or launching…