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Banner - Prototyping Mindset - Case Study with YOMO

A Prototyping Mindset in Practice : Case Study on YOMO

By Gina Rembe | May 28, 2015


For the best part of 2 years now, Lifehack has been experimenting with using Design processes to empower people to create new wellbeing interventions. Sometimes those Design processes are in the form of experiential weekends, sometimes they’re evening design …

The Lifehack & YOMO Design Sprint

By Gina Rembe | May 20, 2015

How might we highlight high impact areas of exploration for Mindfulness Technology?


The work of social innovation and entrepreneurship isn’t often glamorous. It’s often a long period of fuzziness, confusion and hard work, followed by a breakthrough moment, followed …

Lifehack Venture Updates: Live The Dream & The App Store

By Gina Rembe | February 18, 2015

Designed by Freepik

We’ve been working behind the scenes with a variety of projects & ventures since Lifehack Labs in September 2014, supporting the amazing young teams to get a great foundation to their work to build ventures to enhance …

Watch this space… Beast & YOMO are Living The Dream!

By Gina Rembe | December 19, 2014









Good news! Our friends over at Live The Dream are cranking away through summer, supporting a bunch of awesome young Kiwis to build social enterprises!

The excellent news is that the Beast …