Summerz End Youth Fest

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The inaugural Summerz End Youth Fest took place on Saturday 5 April in Christchurch, and was attended by an estimated 4000 people. The event was intended to showcase the talent of local youth and provide an opportunity for youth to take part in something fun and inclusive, meet and connect with new people and learn about groups and clubs operating in the city.

Summerz End was intended to appeal to youth interested in all kinds of citizenship activities, including culture, sport and technology. Many of the activity stalls also exposed young people to key messages for young people around health and law.

Lifehack supported Summerz End during our Christchurch weekend in 2014 with a range of volunteers working on Festival elements including video production, social media images, communications strategy and more. You can see some of the Summerz End crew in this great video from the event.

Social connection, community spirit, self expression and shaping the world through creative festivals like Summerz End are vital to youth wellbeing – we’re delighted to have supported Summerz End in 2014, and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Check out the Summerz End Facebook page or Website for the latest details about their events.