Project Opportunity / Be the Change

Be the Change

Project Opportunity // Be The Change

Project Opportunity exists to help young people learn more skills to work out their career path.

The team were able to draw up a business plan and a stakeholder map over the course of the Lifehack weekend in Kaitaia. Project Opportunity was able to connect with Far North REAP over that weekend, which led to them receiving ongoing support. They pivoted during the weekend (thanks to user research) from ‘creating opportunities for young people’ to ‘helping young people find existing opportunities’. Read about their outcomes here.

Project Opportunity then evolved into and merged with Far North REAP’s existing youth group “Be The Change”. This combined grouping was able to win funding from the Ministry of Youth Development and the Department of Internal Affairs.

Be The Change is supported by Far North REAP  to develop opportunities and engagement for other young people in the Te Hiku region. The core group of Be The Change received a bunch of leadership skills training and are now major drivers and stakeholders in Far North Reap’s Youth Development Programme.

The group are very active in Kaitaia, organising regular community activities. Recently Be The Change organised two events for Youth Week 2015. One was a youth rage in the evening. The other was a day-long event offering music, skating, art and games, including Ki o Rahi.

Check out their facebook here.