Orientation Aotearoa

Orientation Aoteaora

Lifehack welcomes Orientation Aotearoa to our network of initiatives that promote youth wellbeing.

Orientation Aotearoa is an 8 month, innovative and hands-on education for aspiring change makers (aged 18 -25). The Wellington-based residential programme provides a diverse curriculum delivered by leading minds from around NZ, supporting young people to understand local and global challenges, and empowering them to take meaningful action in the world. Applications are now open.

The pioneering programme has a strong focus on individual and collective wellbeing. This is acheived through a balance of structured and self-directed learning, examining the relationship between the individual and our world. The holistic curriculum engages the head (intellectual), heart (artistic) and hands (practical), integrating these into daily life. OA makes time for personal reflection, as well as testing new ideas through action. OA also attends to daily, weekly, and seasonal rhythms, using these to augment the learning process. Learning is a life long journey!

Applications are now open for the 2015 cohort!

For more information see their website or head to facebook.