RAP stands for “Respect All People” (Whakamana Tangata) is a new approach to reducing levels of violence among New Zealand youth and their wider whānau.

One project, “Respect the Lyrics” is designed to engage local Maori and Pacifica youth in a positive and rewarding experience of music creation, where young people perform their own unique songs based on the theme of respect. The process of learning technical knowledge and skills will inspire and encourage young people to continue with their education. It is hoped that by encouraging young people to live by the value of respect, they will become thriving and non-violent adults.

RAP leader Karen attended the Invercargill Lifehack weekend in order to better understand the potential for digital distribution of songs (in hopes they could be shared further and wider than through CDs!). At the event, the team worked to create videos and explain how social media can spread videos and content. They also prepared a strategy for the RAP content to spread online. Check out more info here.

You can check out their Vimeo to see some of their stuff!