aka Helping Young People Evolve


Based in Kaikohe, this crew is just a great example of young people doing stuff for other young people.

The HYPE team had a very productive Lifehack weekend in 2014, learning to understand their work and how to better co-ordinate and organise. Over the course of the weekend alone, they churned out a marketing strategy, engagement plan, user survey, video and stakeholder map. Read the run down here.


Since then…

HYPE is supported by Far North Reap and collaborates with HEAPS of people and organisations. They regularly attend and promote community events.  They were also nominated for the MYD Youth Week 2015 Award.

HYPE Facebook Status - Youth Week

In July, the HYPE crew were involved with the Northland Youth Summit.

So far in 2015, they have run a skate competition and a School Holiday Programme, as well as a Road Show visiting schools in Northland over Youth Week, and an awesome social media presence spotlighting awesome youth initiatives in the Far North.

Check out their facebook to see what else they get up to!