Buller REAP



Buller REAP is a not-for-profit based in Westport that provides a range of community education programmes from early childhood to the elderly. This is a great example of the “Connect” and “Keep Learning” elements from the Five Ways to Wellbeing model.

Their major project at the event was the “You know you’re a Coaster when..” social media campaign. This aimed to give West Coast kids a real sense of pride in their hometowns, where some feel they’ll only be happier or successful if they move to a bigger city. At the Lifehack event, project workers developed a series of images on which to base the campaign, all co-created by young people with new tech tools such as Canva. In addition to these new outputs and new skills, the team learnt campaigning theories and how to move people into action.

The learnings gained at the Lifehack event were utilized with another campaign, around “Change by choice” postcards based on a mural painted by youth artists.

Buller REAP used the mural to encourage the residents of Buller region to set a small positive goal for themselves; it is hoped this will encourage proactive positive change in the face of negative circumstances such as job loss and economic downturn. The change postcards were sent out to all Buller school students, and made available at many organisations and community spaces.